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I would classify myself as an unconventional thinker and constantly looking for the new ideas. I try not to follow the standard principles of production (draw - make). Instead, I am trying to find new ways how to make materials "speech" which usually are static, such as e.g. the mysterious titan: since a common language is found, I dive into a long conversation with such materials until the desired result is achieved. Controlling the solid material, "taming" it to the surface of the body is a pleasant challenge that requires persistence. I really appreciate every person's wish, which I can fulfill with my skill.

My work

A good creative idea sees the light unexpectedly. Experimentation, improvisation are the bridges that separate creativity from production.

The choice of metals and combinations of colors and precious stones are consistently laid out in the mind. Matured sketches of thoughts at the work table are "transferred" to the material. The vision of the work is not tied to a specific technological implementation: there is often the possibility of maneuvering in the conditions created by the properties of the materials: the creation continues - each chosen material and the properties inherent in it keep their secrets. After revealing them, I can interweave them with the visions created in my mind, thus giving each work its own uniqueness and charm. I value strength, quality and durability. I always use good quality titanium in my creations. I fell in love with it because of its heavy processing, its strength and the variety of possible oxidation colors. That's why I combine it with precious metals and decorate it with high-quality gems.


With my creations, I aim to help people finding as much originality as possible in themselves, to free themselves from imposed images, to break away from the "tradition of factory jewelry" that has become "the mass". I aim to encourage people to look for themselves not in the vast sea of industries, but in the unique, one-of-a-kind creations of authors, where the full growth and creative process takes place here and now.

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